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Special Assembly-Kargil Vijay Diwas

We take pride in creating an ambience for learning that invigorates and unfolds the true potential of every child, right from the assembly time. The students of Grade II A of RPS International School, presented a Special Assembly on Monday, 30 July, 2018 to honour the soldiers on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas which falls on 26 July every year.Students paid homage to the efforts and gallantry of our Armed Forces through touching poems.The Assembly concluded with the echo of ‘Jai Hind’ and everyone left with immense love for their country in their hearts.

Best Out Of Waste

Creativity is making Marvellous out of the Discarded!!! Best out of waste is one of the most enjoyable crafts that children can be engaged in. This activity was organized on Monday,July 23 2018 at RPS International School Sec-89 to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to showcase their talents making use of recyclable things. A variety of materials like shoe box, ice-cream sticks, thermocol glasses, old CD, plastic bottles, etc were used to design useful goods like Pen stand, teapot and cup and saucer, wall hangings , flower pots with plastic bottles, bangles, etc were made by the children and appreciated by everyone. The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, reuse etc are imbibed on the young heart and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring our environment.

Idyllic Nature Walk

With an aim to inculcate love for nature, RPS International School Sec-89 ferried the tiny tots for a 'Nature Walk' on July 20,Friday 2018 in the green lawns of the vicinity. They played interesting games and participated in races in the green patches. The nature walk broadened their knowledge and gave them firsthand familiarity of herbs, shrubs and trees. In the lap of Nature, students realised its worth and enjoyed the rainy day to the brim.

Jaunt to Supermarket

At, RPS International School Sec-89, we believe that trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s horizon. Little pearls of RPS family were taken to the Supermarket on July 19,Thursday 2018. The visit was planned to ensure a hands-on Educational Adventure. While walking across the aisles and looking at the food items students were shown healthy drinks to stay hydrated and different fruits and vegetables to build a strong body. During the visit they were also taught vocabulary words such as ripe, raw, fresh, packed etc. This educational, interactive experience is sure to leave a lasting impression with our students and encourage them to choose a healthier way of living!


Edu Trip- a day of learning, fun and entertainment. At RPS International School Sec-89, we organized an Edu Trip on July 18,Wednesday 2018 for the young children with a motive of giving them an exposure of outside world. The extravaganza began with a cheerful singing of peppy songs en route the famous restaurant where our students were given a warm welcome. They experienced ordering food for themselves and learning table etiquette. They enjoyed each and every moment of the day as they came back with a smile on their faces. On the whole, it was a break from the humdrum routine of the everyday life that left everybody yearning for more.

Experiential Learning

The English Language is a Medium of Literary Expression. To enhance this skill in our young learners, the students of Grade III split up into pairs and spoke to their partner, taking on different roles based on the Text book lesson. It was a great ice breaker for the beginning of the class.

Fancy Dress Competition

It is said that play activity and imitating comes naturally to children. This was proved by the tiny tots of RPS International School Sec-89 who came dressed in the most vibrant colours and threw light on the themes that touched the hearts of one and all on the occasion of Fancy Dress Competition organized by the school on July 16,Monday 2018.The amazing number of participants and the hard work of the parent behind each child were highly commendable.

Special Assembly-Partial Lunar Eclipse

“Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you” and “listen in such a way that others love to speak to you”. The Special Assembly conducted by class IV A on July 14,Friday 2018 epitomizes the saying. Guided by their mentors, Class IVA students bespoke about “Partial Solar Eclipse” by using colorful flash cards. This was thoroughly an informative and interesting assembly.

Splashpool Fun

The sun is hot, but the water is cool, Come on Kids let’s Splish Splash Sploosh in the pool! RPS International School Sec-89 organised a ‘Splash Pool Party’ for the tiny tots. Its proved a treat for the eyes to witness our little damsels and boys in beautiful swimsuits, splashing and sprinkling water at each other.

Yellow Color Day

“Shades of yellow stimulate our little ones with happiness, energy and optimism…….”
In order to infuse the concept of Yellow Color, Pre-Primary Wing celebrated “Yellow Color Day” on July 11,Wednesday 2018. A day dedicated to the celebration was marked with children clad in different hues and tints of yellow. Color related craft activities and matching games made the learning environment active and sporty. Little RPSians spent the day with utmost enjoyment. 

WE believe that “if a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn”-said Ms Roopa Marwaha Bhalla,Principal of the school.