Doctor's Day 2020

Doctors are considered second to God on this earth as only they are the ones who save millions of precious lives all around the globe. Their role is indispensable in the current scenario of global pandemic. They are the backbone in our fight against COVID-19 virus. The whole humanity is indebted to our doctors and medical staff for their exceptional efforts and grit in saving lives all over the world. A big salute to these superheroes without capes. Happy Doctors’ Day!

Father's Day 2020

Fathers are the real superheroes, the guiding light, friends and someone who you wants to be with you till your last breath. Father’s Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday of June. It is the day to express your love and gratitude to the superhero of your life. Well, a single day is and will never be enough to thank the most beautiful soul on the earth and for all that he has done for us. It is the day to reciprocate your love for the support he provided in every walks of life. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Let's Do Namaste & Beat The CoronaVirus

RPSians urges people to adopt the practise of joining hands for greeting each other and adopt social distancing efficiently. While the government is doing its part to spread information through its advisories, music can be a fun way to make the relevant information reach the citizens in the times of a global pandemic.
All people around the globe are adopting Indian salutation 'Namaste' to greet each other amid the outbreak of the highly contagious virus.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (Friday)is celebrated on 5 June every year, and is the United  Nations principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. Celebrating the same, we aim at spreading awareness and inculcating a sense of ownership that this Mother Earth is ours and we as stakeholders need to repay her back with our endeavors and actions. To continue this stride,we have planned fun-filled activities for our budding artist. The credit must be shared by our parents who involved with our blooming buds and made this activity a grand success! 

Online Summer Camp 2020 Part I

A new history is being created by the current generation of students. It therefore is our undisputed responsibility to endow them with skills and competencies, the right mindset and drive, for ensuring that every page of their life is full of stories of victory. With this thought at its core, Online summer Camp 2020 has been meticulously designed to cover the three most important areas in a student life, reaching academic excellence, creative pursuits and entertainment with a purpose. Let's have a look........

Green Color Day

As part of the virtual learning experience being offered to our Little Buds, the students participated enthusiastically in 'Green Color' Activity. Learning Leaders planned plethora of activities which reiterated the significance of the color. It was a visual treat to watch our little munchkins enjoying, learning, and developing their cognitive and visual skills in a fun way.
The credit must be shared by our parents who involved with our blooming buds and made this activity a grand success! #GreenDay

Mother's Day | Heartwarming reflection of the children's love for their mothers